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I once thought the rage to live was universal.

I know I have it.  My much-publicized bouts with pancreatitis were a scary delivery of mortality-related information.  I was always at least a little ashamed that it took me three mysterious hospitalizations in coma and the recovery for same before I could say I needed to beat this thing and not end up in the hospital, where they would probably kill me.

Cartoon of Father Time

I feel as if I have won now; any medical problems I may have are actually pretty minor.

Still I have always empathized with people like Frank Sinatra, who, when asked what he wanted on his 80th birthday answered “another birthday.”

I need to stay around as long as I can to see what happens next.  The life of the universe that surrounds me is certainly not a closed book.

I do not want my life to become a closed book.

I remember back in prep school I took some “special” courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  I remember hearing that they were studying humans on a hypocaloric (low-calorie) diet.  People came to M.I.T. to pick up premeasured portions of food, and you absolutely could not eat anything that had not been premeasured, but you were supposed to live longer.

My then-grossly-overweight self was interested already in prolonging my life, and in the study.  Although I still remember my mother’s very unscientific arguments against it (something about the delights of eating your fill and the joy of midnight refrigerator raids) the idea stood with me.

I still want to live long.

This team seems to have nailed the reason why this sort of thing works.  With lower calorie (and lower fat) diets, there is a different set of bacteria in the urine and from that they deduced, in the gut.  The gut becomes less permeable to toxins associated with inflammation, which is associated with numerous chronic illnesses that shorten life.

At one point I was quite friendly with an alternative physician who seemed to tell me that almost everybody (including me) had “leaky gut syndrome,” something he seemed to diagnose by almost mystical means.  Now, for the first time, I wonder if he was right.

The serum amount of lipopolysaccharide binding protein goes down.  This means that one could actually be reducing the amount of antigenic material (read “material capable of getting an antibody type reaction from the body”) in the gut which could make people healthier and make them live longer.

I think this is the ultimate “less is more.”

My mother had, what I realize now, was a pressured marriage.  She took a real joy in the satiation of food, and in her midnight refrigerator raids.  She always made her own choices.  I always gave her the very best science I could scrape up, although her pantry full of unopened nutritional supplements which I had sent her testified to her ultimate lack of confidence in whatever science I had tried to give her.

Me — in my quest to log in as many more birthdays as possible –I have become surely desirous of increased birthdays, also a user of probiotics.  Genus Lactobacillus seems to be correlated with increased lifespans and I have surely snarfed my share of that.

It may not be exactly Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth, but it may be the closest I have ever seen.


There are two major categories of weight loss programs out there.

First there is the beauty, glamor and sexuality crowd.  This is by far the most numerous and also the least successful.  Appealing to folks who are desperate to look hot at the beach in a new bikini, or who want to fit into a smaller size dress or pair of jeans is the focus of most magazines, television and especially weigh-loss products.

These folks are interested in getting rid of five to twenty pounds and usually want immediate results.

On the other hand is the health and well-being crowd.

That is the focus of this web site.

I myself have lost (as of this writing) over 160 lbs and still have just a little ways to go.  The methods I talk about are aimed at the people who need to lose 100 lbs or more.

You’ve surely heard of or even seen people who weigh 300, 400, 500 lbs or even more.  There are magazine and television stories about people so huge that they can’t leave the house or apartment where they live.  They must lie in bed.

That ain’t living, friends.

People like that really aren’t primarily worried about looking attractive to the opposite sex or fitting into the latest fashions.

These people are afraid for their lives.  And you don’t have to have 20 years of medical school to know that obese people just don’t live as long as “normal” people.

We are fighting for our lives.  We are whipped around by media who are commercial driven, and government agencies who are driven by special interest groups trying to get favorable legislation.

We are fed myths and outright lies.  The people we accept as gurus and authority figures are puppets who read off of cue cards.  They cannot tell us what we really need to know.

This program is for those who desperately want to live, who want a better quality of life, who want to be able to go places and do things that “normal” people do.

That is why I call my program Massive Weight Loss.

  • If you must lose weight before the surgeon will operate on your knee or back —
  • If you must lose weight so you can conceive and safely deliver a healthy child —
  • If you must lose weight so you can fit into an automobile or an airplane seat or get on a city bus —

But can’t

This is for you.

Welcome … I look foward to getting to know you and helping you learn how you can control your weight, your health and your life.


  • You can do this.
  • You can do it now
  • You can do it here

We can do it together.


Anybody else in my condition would have been classified as “hopeless.”

I was over 55 years old.  I weighed somewhere around 340 lbs (I don’t know because no scale was able to measure anything over 300). I had severe medical problems and had even been hospitalized three times in life-threatening comas.  Each time, I was given less than 50% chance of waking — of living.

Yet today I weigh less than half of what I did then — only slightly over two years ago.  My blood pressure was sky high — now it is normal.  My blood sugar was dangerously diabetic — now it is normal.  My triglycerides were so high, I was a walking stroke-risk — now they are normal.

If someone with that many strikes against her can safely lose weight and become “normal” — then I believe anybody can.

Before and After pictures of Dr. Goldstein's Massive Weight LossAnd I didn’t have to go on a restrictive diet, or endanger my health with prescription diet drugs, or get gastric bypass surgery.  I didn’t even have to wear myself out with exercise — although I found the energy to indulge my love of dancing.  Good exercise, but really just fun and games for me!

There’s no excuse — you can do it!