When people who hadn’t seen me for a while learned how much weight I’d lost, the first question was invariably — “How did you do that?”

I’m very open. There is no deep dark secret, no magic bullet, no deal with the Devil.  You don’t have to be a medical doctor and you don’t have to know about nutrition and exercise and all that stuff.  Most of it is nonsense, anyway.

But what I know for certain is that anything is difficult to do alone.  And losing weight — especially a large amount of weight — is probably the toughest.

If you know what to do — you still may not do it.  Or you may try some intuitive short-cuts that are actually counter-productive.  You may lose your momentum and get depressed.

Support groups have been successfully utilized in a great many areas.  People getting together for a common cause gain synergy — the multiplication of success the exceeds the simple adding of more effort.

Keeping in touch with others who are doing what you are doing, or who have gone through what you’ve gone through, or are suffering doubts and need a bit of cheerleading will help you as much as it helps them.

Utilizing the power of the internet for discussions, audio and video demonstrations and all the other wonderful things technology has made available gives us some powerful tools to achieve what might be considered impossible under any other circumstances.

Likewise, having a knowledgable person who has been there and done that (that would be Moi) will guide you through the misinformation and disinformation and politically correct blather that accumulates from the mass media and the World Wide Web.

I urge you to sign up and join us — It is absolutely free and you can sign out any time you want.

If you want to succeed, I want you to succeed.  Let’s all work together.


I wrote this particular paragraph in mid July — but you may be reading it months or even years later.

It doesn’t matter. Not one bit.

If you are determined that you must lose a bunch of weight, you can’t put it off. It won’t be any harder or any easier at any other time.

You know from years of frustration — there is no good time to start a diet.

There may be major holidays coming up, family gatherings, maybe a long-planned trip, or final school tests, or work deadlines.

There’s always something, isn’t there?

I realized that, of course. I knew that diets don’t work.  I knew that making drastic changes to your lifestyle could be impossible.  I knew that whatever your intentions, there would always be an excuse why you just couldn’t get started right now.

And we all know that tomorrow never comes.

That’s why I devised a common sense method that doesn’t require you to eliminate some foods and add others that you might not enjoy.  I know that if you are restricted in how much you can eat and what types of things you can eat, that your diet is doomed from the start.

I know that your job doesn’t stop, and your family obligations won’t go away, and there is enough stress and frustration in everyday life without getting involved in the “dreaded diet mode.”

So no matter what is going on — you can start immediately.  No waiting until first of the year, or your next birthday, or until your pain-in-the-neck relatives go home, or you have a two-week vacation.

You can do it now.